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AS Terni proceeds with dismissals and withdrawal from all collective company agreements




10 October 2014   On the night of 8th - 9th October, negotiations were interrupted during talks with the government regarding the dispute between AS Terni and FIM-FIOM-UILM, leaving no opportunity for mediation by the Italian government. The company called for cuts in wages and working rights, as well as dismissals, with the intention of making the workers pay for all the mistakes made by the management over the past few years. During the dispute, FIM-FIOM-UILM presented alternative proposals.

 The failure of the negotiations must be attributed to a complete absence of any industrial strategy and framework to address the energy problems. On the morning of 9th October, following the breaking up of the negotiations, AST unilaterally proceeded with the dismissals and withdrawal from all collective company agreements. A general assembly was held at 12am on 9th October by FIM-FIOM-UILM. This took place offsite, as the plant has been closed by the company.


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