Lunedì, 06 Febbraio 2023

For Life, against death, let us build together a world for all and with all!

We, Unions affiliated with the Industriall Global Union, declare our political position for peace against wars. War is an unacceptable option to resolve diplomatic or trade conflicts and ultimately penalizes the poorest, brings mass destruction and increases suffering and pain globally.

We believe that what is happening today in Ukraine shows the ineffectiveness of diplomacy aimed at the control of weapons and natural resources and we reaffirm that the solution of differences must take place through dialogue and construction of a viable way out which respects the sovereignty of peoples. We cannot excuse the persistence of a decadent imperial logic that blocked a historically and geopolitically viable solution.

We cannot accept as natural, let alone ignore, over14,000 killed and thousands injured as a result of eight years of conflict between Ukraine and the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. Nor can we fail to denounce and condemn the clear violation of the global public commitment that NATO forces would not advance beyond the confines of reunified Germany.

We strongly condemn the Russian military operation in Ukraine where the civilian population and workers are the main victims of suffering and death.

We demand an end to the war in Ukraine though an agreement between Russia and the Kiev government, to ensure an immediate ceasefire and the guarantee of non-deployment of military bases in Ukraine.

We also demand a negotiated solution to the question of the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk by Ukraine in order to end the bloody conflict that has dragged on for eight years.

We advocate reforms in the UN Security Council that will allow it to ensure peace in the worldby creatingconditions to respect justice and the obligations arising from treaties and international lawThis implies among other things revising the composition of the Security Council to ensure inclusiveness and to devise a plan to demobilize U.S. military bases around the globe.

We call on theunions and workers of Russia and the world to make their voices heard and to fight together against the war of authoritarian and war-mongering governments, for a policy of Peace, not aggression.

For Life, against death, let us build together a world for all and with all.


La Fiom è il sindacato delle lavoratrici e lavoratori metalmeccanici della Cgil

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