Ast-ThyssenKrupp. On Friday, 17th October, general strike called by Cgil, Cisl and Uil in Terni and by Fiom-Cgil in Perugia, with a rally in Terni ended by Susanna Camusso, general secretary of Cgil






In support of Ast-ThyssenKrupp workers' mobilization, Cgil, Cisl and Uil of Terni have called for general strike Friday, October 17th, of all workers in the area.

For the same day, Fiom-Cgil of Perugia has called a metalworkers general strike.

On Friday morning, there will be a rally, which will start at 9 o'clock from viale Brin – in front of the Ast plant - and will end in piazza Repubblica, where there will be the speeches and the conclusions of Susanna Camusso, general secretary of the Cgil.



Fiom-Cgil/Press release 


Rome, 16th October 2014