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Stop the war: our home is the entire world! - Fermiamo la guerra: la nostra patria è il mondo intero

Contro l'escalation militare, tacciano le armi! Appello per una soluzione diplomatica e multilaterale del conflitto, condiviso con la Fiom dai principali sindacati industriali di Belgio, Francia, Gran Bretagna e Irlanda Grecia, Lussemburgo, Portogallo, Spagna Turchia


We have assisted in this tremendous days on war escalation against Ukrainian people. Our organisations strongly condemn the invasion and the current military operations in Ukraine. We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all the women and men who suffer in the other open war conflicts in the world.

The signatories unions of this declaration want to reaffirm that the internationalist workers movement has always repudiate the war and pursue the solidarity and the union among workers and citizens of all the county as the only way to build peace and fight against injustice.

We will stand together with our confederations and with many other associations, NGOs and the multitude of common citizens in the streets to claim for dialogue and multilateral discussion as the only possible answer to this conflict and to bring back peace. We remember that Russian workers and citizens are not our enemies and we are by the side of those who are fighting today and in the past to defend freedom and democracy that have been arrested or killed as in the past years.

We are worried by declaration that, flattering Europe on NATO, invoke the sending of military equipment to a conflict area as a solution to maintain peace.  We believe on the contrary that it is the means to fuel war and amplifies its disastrous scenarios, taking us back of decades. We believe that amplifies the risks of a nuclear escalation.
Disarmament, active neutrality and multilateral dialogue (UN, OSCE,…) are the way to be taken to built peace. It is necessary that the billions that the states want to use in armaments are immediately destined for peaceful cooperation, social investments and energy transition.

We are all aware that the working class is the only one that pay the price of imperialist and nationalist wars and that the conflict feeds interests that do not combine with the social Europe for which we have fight for generations.

Today more than ever it is necessary to relaunch that project of peaceful coexistence between peoples, to commit to active neutrality, to invest in social and climate justice, to fight to preserve our common home and to fight to open our borders and build effective solidarity without distinguish between the color of our skin color, religions, geographical origin or the reasons that make people run across the borders or sail the Mediterranean sea.

The organised working class has always played an important role in promoting peace. We are at the heart of production, we are organised and connected internationally and not divided nationalistic divisions. And while it is the powerfuls who declare wars, we know that it is always the working class that counts the dead

Thats’s why We claim for an European day of mobilisation to bring billions of peace flags into the street of Europe and behind, to reaffirm that today more than ever that another world is possible and that it can only be built from below by listening to the voice of the people who today more than ever ask for a future of peace, rights and social justice for all.

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